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Bob’s tip of the week

Staying in the vein of the Yamaha LS9 32 channel console, here’s a couple of tips that will get monitor mixes and effects going quick.

Say you have a show with left and right F.O.H., 4 monitor mixes, and 2 effect sends. To get to the monitors you will see 16 buttons labled 1-16 next to the screen. Just double click on the particular mix you want and viola!….Your sends are operated by the faders instead of knobs! Much easier to deal with. You also get the full eq and effects on each channel.

To get effects, push the RACK 5-8 button, choose an effect, select what send you want it to go to and treat it just like the monitor sends.

Bob’s pick of the week

Yamaha LS9 32 Bobs pick of the week                       Here’s a little jewel…..The Yamaha LS9 32 channel digital console. Now, I’m an old analog guy and it took me some time to get used to the feeling of being naked. Not having to haul a 500lb. console (for the eq, matrix, and 16 sends), a 100lb. outboard power supply, and racks and racks of compressors, gates, reverb and delay units, (add another 200-300lbs. of racks), and oh…if I’m doing monitors from front of house, 2 racks of eq’s. Actually, the amount of outboard gear I would have to bring  to do what this 45lb. console can do would be 32 comps., 32 gates, 8 effects units, and 7 dual 31 band eq’s. Oh…and the 2 miles    of cable spaghetti at front of house is gone as well. Makes it nice at the end of the night for quick and easy breakdown.  By the way this makes an excellent monitor console for bigger shows that require a monitor board. 16 monitor mixes is no issue for this little beastie especially since up to 300  scenes can be saved and named. This really helps in monitor world especially in a fixed installation where different acts come through and some are returning acts. All you have to do is recall thier particular setting and you have a good start in about a half a second.

  Go to Yamaha’s website for more tips and suggestions on this wonderful little board!

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